About us

Stonewall Inc. is a small company servicing the Twin Cities area, specializing in boulder retaining walls and natural stone outcroppings for both residential and commercial properties.  Justin Ferrin, the owner and operator of Stonewall began his craft in 1995 and quickly gained respect for his creative skill of adding an artistic and natural look to the stone work he performed.  Soon, quality and creative work combined with personal, customer service and Justin officially incorporated and began Stonewall in 1998 and has been running it successfully ever since.

Stonewall prides itself on being truly owner operated in an industry of large, non-personalized business.  Clients who contact Stonewall are greeted by the owner and the relationship doesn’t stop there.  From the design, estimate and installation of your project, the owner is not only involved, but directly in charge on-site, day to day until the project is complete and the client is satisfied.

Also unique, and an often overlooked detail, is the scale of equipment used by Stonewall.  Many companies will attempt to construct your project with undersized equipment such as a general-use skid steer or mini-excavator, when in fact to perform the work correctly, stronger and heavier equipment is needed.  Stonewall does not cut corners to save on cost here. To learn more about the equipment used by Stonewall check out our services page.